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Featuring warm and clean yellow, blue, green and white interiors as well as a panoramic rooftop pool, sunbathing lounge, cocktail bar, snack bar, serene treatment rooms for solo or couple’s spa treatments, and a quaint café where breakfast is served on the daily. THE POLI HOUSE embodies the eccentric diversity of culture and design in Tel Aviv: street art and graffiti-lined streets, a luxurious 1930’s Bauhaus edifice and whimsical design of Karim Rashid combine for an unprecedented hospitality experience unlike any other in the White City.


The Poli House is a member of Brown Hotels, an international hotel brand founded in Tel Aviv, with hotels located in the city of Tel Aviv (the world acclaimed Brown TLV, the Brown Beach House and the Poli House boutique hotel in tel aviv), Brown Jerusalem ( boutique hotels in jerusalem opening January 2017) and Trogir, Croatia (Brown Beach House Croatia, opened 2016). The Brown properties are all rooted in a devotion to service, design, innovation, style and authenticity. The Brown Hotels have been recommended by the world's leading publications such as Wallpaper, Vogue, NY Times, National Geographic and Time magazine. 


    THE POLI HOUSE is a fantastical mélange of whimsical, futuristic interior design and the clean and calming elements of Bauhaus architecture forged by world-renowned starchitect Karim Rashid, the designer behind THE POLI HOUSE, his first Tel Aviv project. Tel Aviv based Nitza Szmuk Architects was responsible for the architectural aspects including the building's preservation and restoration.

    Entering THE POLI HOUSE, guests careen through the bustling, graffiti-coated streets and become witness to Rashid’s hand-drawn blueprints, sketches and inspirations for the property, as well as liquid-type patterns with yellow, blue, green, pink and white colour influenced by the natural sundrenched palettes of Tel Aviv.


    Located in a meticulously restored 1930’s Bauhaus building, THE POLI HOUSE’s design evokes an omnipresent feeling of Joie de vivre reflected within the public spaces, rooms, rooftop bar, pool and lounge spaces throughout the property.


    Originally built in 1934, The Polishuk is a stunning Bauhaus architecture-style building originally designed by Zurich born architect Shlomo Liaskowski. After its completing, The Polishuk House housed commercial office spaces under the auspices of then-owner Yehuda Polishuk, along with its 15 shops and 50 offices, The Polishuk House, or Beit Polishuk in Hebrew, housed a clandestine Etzel printing press. For decades the building was identified with the famous children's shoe store located at it's frot: "Naaley Pil" (Elephant Shoes).


    Up until the last decade, The Polishuk House was an uninhabited and derelict edifice covered in graffiti and located in the bustling Magen David Square. Tel Aviv-based investors and entrepreneurs decided its function called for a greater purpose, purchasing the building and bringing in world-renowned designer Karim Rashid to reimagine the Polishuk house and create a new vision for the building to serve as a vibrant, and landmark boutique hotel that Tel Aviv has never before seen. Tel Aviv based, award winning Nitza Szmuk Architects were called upon to spearhead the restoration and conservation of this stunning architectural marvel alongside managing the project's architectural aspects and executing its new design.